"Cooking is all about sharing!"

Our Chef


Born in Kagoshima prefecture and living in Saitama, Chef Hirotake, is the head of the kitchen.

Coming from very humble beginnings, Hirotake-san had a turbulent start in life as a young man. Growing up in a difficult environment, Hirotake-san got into trouble many times. Getting into fights often made it impossible for him to focus and he quickly lost interest in school. With failing school grades and not having a clear goal in life, his father recommended him to try his hand at cooking in order to make something out of his life. Thus, Hirotake-san took on an apprenticeship as a young cook.

This was not without hardships and Hirotake-san thought about quitting many times. Running away in the middle of the night from training school to training school, getting into trouble with fellow apprentices, Hirotake-san was on the verge of falling back into his old bad habits.

A fateful encounter with renowned Chef Inaba Saburou introduced by his father, made him change his ways. Seeing a struggling Hirotake-san and feeling sympathy towards him, Saburou-san took Hirotake-san under his wing.

Through Saburou’s strict guidance, Hirotake-san managed to continue his training and found he possessed a natural talent for the art of cooking. Out of respect of his father and being deeply grateful towards Saburou-san, Hirotake-san made the decision to dedicate his life to cooking and becoming the best chef possible.

Fueled by his talent, he started a rigorous 3-year training period as an apprentice to learn his craft under the watchful eyes of chefs all over Japan. After his training Hirotake-san returned to Saitama to start his career as a chef at Restaurant Kuki. Success although, didn’t come that easily but with his fierce determination paired with his natural talent for cooking, he managed to find success as a professional chef eventually.

Coming from nothing and working his way up to the top, Hirotake-san has since been cooking up a storm with a successful career spanning over 40 years. Indeed, Chef Hirotake has received many prestigious awards, such as the Technically Skilled Artisan (Saitama), Excellence Award and the 2014 Special Recognition Award by the Association of Professional Chefs Japan among others to name a few.

As an influential food instructor, Chef Hirotake has taught at important seminars, appeared on numerous TV shows and created food programs for many schools. He teaches both amateur cooks and professional chefs.

Chef Hirotake’ signature cooking style makes use of seasonally available ingredients to create a perfect balance of natural flavors in his dishes.


● Master Chef of Japanese Cuisine, recognized by the Minister of Health and Welfare

● Food Instructor as licensed by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

● Title of Meister provided by the Takuminowaza Association

● Dietary & Nutrition advisor, Centre for Cooking Arts and Technique

● Technically Skilled Chef of Japanese Cuisine, recognized by the Minister of Health and Welfare

● Japanese food instructor, registered in Saitama

● Director of Board of Technically Skilled Professionals, Saitama

● Skilled Artisan Sainokuni, Saitama


● Technically Skilled Artisan (Saitama), Excellence Award

● Federation of Restaurants and Tourism (all of Japan), award

● Association of Technically Skilled Professionals Saitama, 21st edition, Excellence Award

● Association of Professional Chefs Japan, 2014 special recognition

● Award of Technicality (Saitama), awards in three categories

● Concours of Technicality for Professional Chefs (all of Japan), award

● Tougoku Honorary Recognition Award

● Association of Technically Skilled Chefs Saitama, 2014 special recognition

● Higashikuninomiyabunka Medal of Honour

● Kawaguchi Good Idea Award

“Cooking food and coming up with new ideas allows me to be creative with ingredients making everyday a brand new culinary challenge. It would bring me great joy to teach what I have learned in my career to people in a fun and easy way. My dream is to teach and spread the flavors of Japanese cuisine throughout the world so that everybody can enjoy our local taste with their family and loved ones. Cooking is all about sharing! Hope to see you in my kitchen very soon!”

Chef Hirotake


● Takuminowaza Association, member

● Zenchougiren Meister Association, member

● Association of Technically Skilled Professionals Saitama, member

● Japca Association, vice president

● Saitama Fugu Trade Association, board of directors

● Association of Highly Skilled Chefs Japan, member

● Zengiren Meister Association, board of directors

● Saitama Association of Skilled Professionals, board of directors

● Saitama Association of Technically Skilled Professionals, instructor

● Saitama Centre for Cooking Arts and Technique, member

● Kawaguchi Master Craftsman Association, member

TV & Media

● TV Tokyo, I Can Show You in 30 Seconds for Sure, TV appearance

● Onegai! Ranking, TV appearance as a food coordinator

● TV Champion, TV appearance as a food coordinator

● Sushi Oji, movie appearance

● TV Champion, TV appearance as a judge

● Nippon TV, Japan VS the World cook-off

● Hitachi IH stove development involvement


● Toda Miyamoto Elementary School

● Koshigaya Shiritsu Obukuro Elementary School

● Soka Shiritsu Obukuro  Elementary School

● Ageo Shiritsu Shibakawa Elementary School

● Satte Shiritsu Kamotakano Elementary School

● Okegawa Shiritsu Asahi Elementary School

● Hikawa Elementary School

● Tokorozawa Elementary School

● Ageo Shiritsu Oishi Elementary School

● Soka Shiritsu Aoyagi Elementary School

● Hatoyama Choritsu Elementary School

● Saitama Shiritsu Mimuro Elementary School


● Kitchen Seminar, Ageo Saitama

● Twin Tower Open Kitchen seminar, Toyosu

● Yomiuri Cultural Centre seminar, Kawagoe

● Hirotake’s Kitchen seminar

● View Kitchen seminar, Asakusa

Dietary & Nutritional Education

● Okegawa Nishi High School

● Higashimatsuyama High School

● Fukiagekita High School

● Ageo Shiritsu Shibakawa Elementary School


● Recipe Koukai Magazine publication

● Menu consultation for over 25 shops & restaurants