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Wasabi Cooking Class

Wasabi Cooking Class is open to all those who want to learn how to cook among the most popular Japanese dishes. If you want to explore the Japanese culture through food, then you should definitely take part in one of our cooking classes! Our renowned Chef Hirotake will teach you how to cook but he will also immerse you into Japanese culture in revealing you the secrets behind Japanese Food, also known as "Washoku".

Our Popular Classes

Shoyu Ramen, Shio Ramen & Tan Tan Men

Learn how to cook three kinds of noodle: Shoyu Ramen, a noodle dish with a classic soy-based broth, Shio Ramen which has a clear salty broth and Tan Tan Men, a spicy noodle dish.

Sushi & Soup

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make the perfect sushi? From selecting the ingredients to cutting the fish, Chef Hirotake with his years of experience making sushi will teach you how to create different kinds of Nigirizushi and Makizushi!

Japanese Bento Box

In this class you’ll learn how to cook and prepare the ingredients used in a Japanese Bento Box from cutting ingredients into beautiful shapes to arranging them into a joyful box of Japanese deliciousness!

Chef Hirotake

Born in Kagoshima prefecture and living in Saitama, Chef Hirotake, is the head of the kitchen. Coming from very humble beginnings, Hirotake-san had a turbulent start in life as a young man. Growing up in a difficult environment, Hirotake-san got into trouble many times. Getting into fights often made it impossible for him to focus and he quickly lost interest in school. With failing school grades and not having a clear goal in life, his father recommended him to try his hand at cooking in order to make something out of his life. Thus, Hirotake-san took on an apprenticeship as a young cook. This was not without hardships and Hirotake-san thought about quitting many times. Running away in the middle of the night from training school to training school, getting into trouble with fellow apprentices, Hirotake-san was on the verge of falling back into his old bad habits. A fateful encounter with renowned Chef Saburou introduced by his father, made him change his way. Seeing a struggling Hirotake-san and feeling sympathy for him, Saburou-san took him under his wing.

Check Our Classes

Gyoza & Yakimeshi

This classic combination of Japanese style dumplings called gyoza and yakimeshi, Japanese friend rice, is a favorite of many! Try your hand at making the most scrumptious gyoza under the guidance of Chef Hirotake.

Yakitori Amatare & Shio

In this cooking class you will learn how to make yakitori, Japanese succulent meat skewers grilled perfectly. You will learn how to season it with ‘tare’, a thick soy based sauce, and ‘shio, a salty version.

Tempura Tendon

Learn how to create a perfect batter and techniques how to fry golden tempura. After that, learn how to make Tendon, tempura over rice drizzled with a sweet sauce.

Japanese Curry Tonkatsu

This class will teach you how to make Curry Tonkatsu, a deep-fried breaded pork cutlet served with Japanese curry. Chef Hirotake will teach you how to prepare and fry Tonkatsu and make Japanese curry from scratch.

Takoyaki & Cheese Takoyaki

Learn how to make Takoyaki, this famous street food originally from Osaka as well as a cheese version in this class.

Yakisoba & Okonomiyaki

Learn how to make yakisoba, a classic Japanese noodle dish stir-fried with vegetables and using a sweet and savory sauce and Okonomiyaki, a hearty Japanese style pancake with a variety of fillings topped with a smoky okonomiyaki sauce.

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